List of verified and safe Darknet sites

Last updated on January 9th, 2024

What is this list and why do I need it?

This is a directory of links to the official dark versions of famous websites. Although located on the dark web, these sites are verified and safe.

The dark net is a pretty unsafe place. It is not recommended to visit any random dark pages. If you surf the dark web aimlessly, it is possible to access pages with truly illegal content and to get into trouble with the law. But, fortunately, some of the most famous sites on the Internet have their official versions on the dark web.

How do you know these sites are official?

There is an official proof for each official site on the list. And there is a link to the proof page for each site. It is recommended to visit these pages before opening the onion address.

Why do some famous sites launch their own official dark versions?

Short answer – with the Tor browser it is not possible to access some regular pages on the Internet, especially those that require registration, because they block access via Tor. On the other hand, there are people who, for security reasons, simply cannot surf the web with a browser other than Tor. For this reason, some famous websites have decided to create their own official darknet mirrors.

WARNING: There are fake sites on the dark net that pretend to be official pages. To avoid any security and legal problems, access only the pages listed below.

First of all, to access a darknet page, you need the Tor browser. Download the browser from its official page and install it:

Then open the Tor browser, copy and paste the .onion addresses from the list and hit Enter. You can also directly open pages by clicking on the links below. For this purpose, however, it is necessary to open the current page ( in the Tor browser.

Official dark social networks & discussion boards

In 2014, Facebook officially announced that its onion-version is now online on the dark web. It is accessible only via Tor browser. In the beginning, the page address was facebookcorewwwi.onion (V2 onion address which is now deprecated). The dark version of the most popular social network has its own Wikipedia page: According to Wikipedia, dark Facebook had about 1 million monthly visitors in 2016. The current onion-address of Facebook can be found on this page:

Reddit is a famous social news aggregator and discussion portal. In October 2022, Reddit launched an official dark version of its page. Now you can read and write messages on Reddit safely and anonymously. The news about the Reddit onion address was announced on the official Reddit Security account:

As of March 2022, anyone can access Twitter via Tor Browser. The goal is – more secure and private tweeting. Yahoo! Finance news about Twitter’s dot-onion address:

Official dark government sites

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officially announced in 2019 that it was launching a version of its website on the darknet. A message about the agency’s onion page was posted on the CIA’s official Twitter account: The CIA’s dark site is a copy of the agency’s regular page, but offers the ability to contact the agency anonymously. More information about the CIA’s Onion Service can be found on the agency’s official website:

Official dark email services

If you need secure and anonymous email, then Proton Mail is for you. Proton Mail is a Swiss-based end-to-end encrypted mail service. This is the most famous secure email provider in the world. And it’s free. End-to-end encryption means that no one but you and the recipient of your letter can read your mail – neither your Internet Service Provider nor any third parties can access your correspondence. Proton Mail has a site on the regular web (,, but for an even higher level of security, privacy and anonymity you can use their onion address. Official proof:

Official darknet related software

SecureDrop is free and open source whistleblowing software. It is mainly used by media who want to get sensitive information. Media use SecureDrop to ensure secure communication between journalists and people sending the information. When installed on a website, SecureDrop enables anonymous submission of information and documents. In this way, the media protect their sources, preserve their anonymity and do not put them at risk. Sending information via SecureDrop is only possible on the dark web in order to ensure a high level of security. This means that all websites with SecureDrop installed have onion addresses. List of media sites that use SecureDrop:

Official dark media sites

The famous American daily newspaper has its dark address since 2017. Now you can read the news anonymously or send them info via SecureDrop. Official proof:

The British newspaper The Guardian also went dark in May 2022. More official info about The Guardian’s onion service:

The world’s leading public service broadcaster BBC launched a dark version of its site in 2019. Official proof:

The Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) also launched its dark site on the Tor network. More official info in German:

Current Time is a russian-language TV channel and a website in russian and english. Current Time was created by the media Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Voice of America. The purpose of the media is to counterbalance the Kremlin’s propaganda and to provide accurate information for the russian-speaking audience. It is currently banned in Russia, but now russians and russian speakers can access it safely and anonymously via the Tor network. Official proof:

ProPublica is an online media that publishes independent journalistic investigations. It is the first entirely Internet-based media to win a Pulitzer Prize. Since 2016, the media has had an onion address on the dark web. Official proof: