Is there an alternative to the Tor browser?

Last updated on January 9th, 2024

Tor is an excellent tool, but it is slow. Is there a faster alternative to Tor?

Although we strongly recommend Tor Browser as the best tool for online anonymity and privacy, we realize that some users find it too slow. Therefore, as a compromise option, we can recommend using the Brave browser. This browser also provides a good level of safety and anonymity on the Internet. The Brave team has integrated Tor into its browser and thus provides safe and anonymous web surfing. For more information, visit the official Brave browser page:

Brave browser vs Tor browser – which is better?

When it comes to anonymity and privacy on the Internet, Brave is ahead of other browsers, but behind Tor. When it comes to speed, Tor is slower than Brave. Brave is faster than Tor, but not as reliable as Tor. As the Brave developers say: if your life depends on it – use Tor. In short, Brave browser is not a bad tool at all, but it cannot replace Tor. If anonymity is very, very important to you, then be patient and use Tor. If you still want to try Brave, download it from here:
Check out the Brave browser features:

What other browsers can be at least somewhat of an alternative to Tor?

The Opera browser is on the list of good browsers when it comes to safety and anonymity, but it is still far behind Tor. The Opera browser has a built-in free VPN, ad-blocker and other interesting features.
You can download it from here:
Explore Opera browser features:

The Firefox browser should also be mentioned in this list, at least because the Tor browser is based on Firefox. There are many free browser extensions for Firefox, including free VPNs, ad-blockers, etc. You can search for Firefox extensions at address: