Cybersecurity for Beginners

Last updated on January 9th, 2024

Table of Contents

Cybersecurity and Privacy for Beginners

1. How to browse the web anonymously?
– What is online anonymity and privacy?
– Who can see my online activity?
– What can they learn about me from my internet activity?
– Why do I need anonymity on the internet?
– What do I need to do to be anonymous on the internet?
– How to hide my IP address?
– How to encrypt the internet traffic?
– What is the difference between VPN and Tor Browser?
– How to surf the web without allowing the browser to save browsing history
– How to search the internet without allowing the search engine to collect data about me?
– How to send email anonymously?
– How to send/upload files anonymously?
– What is the best option for anonymous browsing?
– What else can I do for my anonymity and privacy online?

2. What is Deep web? What is Dark net?
– What is the Deep web and where is it located?
– What is Dark net and how to get there?
– What is the difference between the deep web and the dark net?
– What is Tor browser?
– Is it safe and legal to surf the dark web?

3. What is Tor and how to use it?
– What is Tor?
– Who created Tor, when and why?
– How is Tor similar to other browsers?
– What is the difference between Tor and other browsers?
– What is a dot-onion (.onion) address?
– Why are some .onion addresses longer than others?
– What is an IP address?
– How does Tor hide IP address and geographic location?
– What is the default search engine in Tor browser?
– How to search for pages on the dark web?
– What NOT to do on the dark web?
– How to install Tor Browser?
– How to uninstall Tor?
– Is there a mobile version of Tor browser?

4. List of verified and safe Darknet sites
– What is this list and why do I need it?
– How do you know these sites are official?
– Why do some famous sites launch their own official dark versions?
– Official dark social networks & discussion boards
– Official dark government sites
– Official dark email services
– Official darknet related software
– Official dark media sites

5. Is there an alternative to the Tor browser?
– Tor is an excellent tool, but it is slow. Is there a faster alternative to Tor?
– Brave browser vs Tor browser ā€“ which is better?
– What other browsers can be at least somewhat of an alternative to Tor?

6. What is a VPN? What is a proxy?
– What does VPN mean?
– What is a proxy server?
– What is the difference between a VPN and a proxy server?
– How do VPNs and proxies work?
– How to find a free VPN?
– How do I know if Iā€™m browsing anonymously?
– Are VPN services secure enough?
– Is it a good idea to use the Tor browser over a VPN?

7. What is metadata and how to remove it?
– What is metadata? What does metadata contain?
– Why remove file metadata?
– How to delete metadata from JPG file (Windows OS)?
– How to delete metadata from a PDF file?
– How do I delete metadata from Word and Excel files (Windows OS)?

8. How to send email anonymously?
– What does it mean to send an anonymous email?
– What mail and browser to use?
– How to create an email account in Proton Mail?
– Where to find a temporary mailbox?
– How does Proton Mail protect data?
– What is end-to-end encryption?
– Where else is the E2EE method used?

9. 100% anonymous online ā€“ is it possible?
– Do I need complete anonymity on the web?
– What device to use?
– What operating system to use?
– How to connect to the Internet?
– What to do when connecting to the Internet for the first time?
– How to hide the fact that I use Tor?
– How to get Tor and Tor bridge if Tor is blocked in my country?
– How to write anonymously online?
– How to send files (documents, images, etc.) anonymously?
– How to chat anonymously?